WELCOME TO APEXAmerican General is committed to providing the highest quality electronic systems to support all American General producers. APEX provides access to critical, time-sensitive information on the status of your business, including: pending business, inforce policy information and commissions. The Marketing Library provides access to: current interest rates; state approvals; forms; product information; underwriting guidelines and requirements; advanced sales concepts; field bulletins; and more. The URL for APEX has changed. Please update your bookmarks to apex.americangeneral.com.American General Life Companies Policy HoldersPlease access www.americangeneral.com or E-Service for policyholder information.New American General Producers Signup for access to APEX and your Profit Center Producer Website.Need Help?Contact your distribution channel below for assistance.
AGLA Classic and New Career 1-800-351-AGLA (2452)
CMG - High Net Worth and Corporate Markets 713-831-5113
Structured Settlements 806-345-7431
VALIC 713-831-6900
Association Group 732-922-7568
EBS 713-831-6227
Remember: Passwords are case sensitive.Have you forgotten your password? Please contact your distribution channel for further assistance.
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